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Kindly see below changes done to the server as of June 28, 2021.

  1. Lite Graphics Plugin (LGP) Implementation - below are the commands that can be used for LGP.
    • @lgp - enables/disables the LGP.
    • @square <on/off/1-4> - display square around the character and size can be changed according to parameters.
    • @circle - displays circle around the character.
    • @aoes - displays colored areas of skills such as Storm Gust, Lord of Vermillion and many more!
    • @shake - enables/disables "shake" effect.
  2. Navigation Update - updated navigation search to include all NPC, monsters and link distance.
  3. Service Ticket Bug Fixes - please see below for details.
    1. Ticket ID #1026 - added Maya Purple in ant hell dungeon.
    2. Ticket ID #1027 - fixed Assumptio buffs not increasing heal value when status is active to attached player.
    3. Ticket ID #1030 - fixed Vulcan Arrow attack walk motion delay.
    4. Ticket ID #1031 - fixed Guild Extension skill description to avoid confusion.
    5. Ticket ID #1033 - fixed the following:
      1. Lord of Death - should now be listed as MVP and should reward silvervine cat fruit.
      2. Dragon Fly Navigation Search - part of item #2 fix.
      3. Valentine Heart - corrected bonus to reflect what's in the description.
      4. Reginleif's Wing - corrected bonus from 3% to 5%.
  4. Upgrade Armor/Weapon Crafting - fixed requirements check where it still continue even zeny is not enough resulting to loss of requirements.
  5. Pet & Homunculus Friendly Rate - increased to 3x as observed by @Almacia via the post below.


  • Kindly update game files by running "Patcher" in order to use LGP & Navigation fully.
  • For compensation, kindly claim the code "AEMT-0628-UPLV".
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