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"Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean."

Below are the requirements to qualify for basic guild package/reward.

  1. Your guild must have at least 7 unique members (Unique ID will be checked) to qualify for Guild Package.
    Note: Old existing guilds and players can still qualify.
  2. Guild Leader is required to send any graphic image related to their guild thru the following platforms.
    You may also ask further questions regarding Guild Package.
  3. Click "HERE" to apply. (The link will redirect you to Guild Recruitment)

Upon receiving initial rewards, you can continue to do your quest to receive the advance package.

  1. Create your Guild using the provided Emperium.
  2. Grind with your members to reach Guild Level 3.
  3. Guild must have the guild skills below:

  Official Guild Approval

  Contract with Kafra

Note: Perks are subject to change without prior notice.

  • These guild packages are only meant to help you start in Aesir Ragnarok with a little advantage. Keep in mind that these packages are not meant for endgame.
  • Always respect other players and staff. Your guild’s image is affected whenever a guild member shows intolerable toxic behavior.
  • Understand that transferring to Aesir Ragnarok doesn’t make you special.
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