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Are you having hesitations in playing Aesir Ragnarok because you don’t want to start again from zero? Consider qualifying for our migration program.

 Less than 1 week of Aesir Ragnarok gametime (use command @gametime to view stats).

 Must be max-level player in your previous server.

 Must have decent equipment in your previous server.

 Must have at least 1 million zeny (low rate), 10 million zeny (mid rate), 50 million zeny (highrate), or more in your previous server.

 Your previous server must have at least 100 players.

 The screenshot must be clear and comprehensible, taken on the same day of your application.

 The screenshot must show character info, zeny, equipment and inventory. See sample below.


A. Character information: Base Level, Job Level, and Zeny

B. Equipment information: Must be wearing decent gears

C. Inventory: Must show other valuable items

D. Time and Date: Must match the day of application

Note: Please use the screenshot generated by “Screenshot” folder.

1. The legitimacy of your application will be verified by Aesir Ragnarok team within 24-48 hours.

2. Your character in Aesir Ragnarok will receive a Server Migration Ticket via RoDEX (in-game mail) if application is approved.

3. Exchange the ticket for Server Migration Pack from Migration Officer at 2F Eden Headquarters (moc_para01, 37, 183).

The items included in the migration package is shown below.

  20 pcs. Elite Adventurer Box

  20 pcs. World Tour Ticket

  5 pcs. Battle Manual 300%

  5 pcs. Job Manual 300%

  200 pcs. Free Ticket for Kafra Storage

  200 pcs. Free Ticket for Kafra Transport

  +7 Formal Suit [1]

  +7 Guard [1]

  +7 Muffler [1]

  +7 Shoes [1]

  A headgear of choice (click to view headgear list):

  A weapon of choice (click to view weapon list):

If all the requirements above are met, we are very happy to welcome you to Aesir Ragnarok. Click here to open the application form.

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