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Play what you love. Stream what you play. Earn what you stream.

  Play together

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"Share your gaming experience as you get stronger while cultivating bonds with your fellow players and followers."

Below are the requirements to qualify and procedure to apply as a partner streamer.


 You must have at least 500 followers on Facebook.

 You must have at least 250 views per stream on Facebook.

 You must have a good quality camera (optional) and microphone (required) to communicate with your viewers.

 You must stream Aesir Ragnarok for no less than 4 times a week with at least 2 hours stream time

 You must engage with your fellow in-game players by hosting games for them.

 Your profile/page must be tidy and skillfully assembled.

 You can only share your stream in Ragnarok-related groups.

 Streaming other Ragnarok servers will not be allowed.


1. Fill up the application for Aesir Streamer Partner.

2. Download the streamer’s overlay and utilize it to your stream.

3. Your application will be reviewed and assessed by the team. You will be notified for enlistment should you pass the evaluation.

The rewards you will receive are based on your feats.


Immediately after being enlisted as a streamer, you will be given an Enlistment Bundle which contains the following:

  30-Day VIP Membership Ticket

  25 pcs. Elite Adventurer Supply Box

  50 pcs. World Tour Ticket

  Costume Streamer Cap

  5 pcs. Aesir Gift Pack (for viewers)

 Monthly Bundle

Every start of the month, you will get a Monthly Bundle reward when you get at least 2,000 views from the previous month.

  30-Day VIP Membership Ticket

  30-Day Boarding Halter Box

  30 pcs. Streamer Megaphone

  5 pcs. Miracle Medicine

  50 pcs. World Tour Ticket

 500 Weekly Views

 1250 Weekly Views

 2500 Weekly Views

 Streamer Store

Not getting enough views? Don’t worry about it; your efforts are still appreciated. For every 1 hour of stream you will get 100 Streamer Credits (granted every end of the week). You can exchange them for the following:

  Aesir Gift Pack (for viewers)

  Streamer Megaphone

  Battle Manual 300%

  Job Manual 300%

  HE Bubble Gum

  100 Cash Points Gift Card

  Elite Adventurer Supply Box

  Greed Scroll Box

  HD Elunium

  HD Oridecon

  Enriched Elunium

  Enriched Oridecon

  Silvervine Cat Fruit Box

 Aesir Gift Pack

This is the pack where partners can give to their viewers and followers. Each pack contains the following:

  1 pc. Elite Adventurer Supply Box

  1 pc. Blessing Scroll Box

  1 pc. Increase Agi Scroll Box

  10 pcs. World Tour Ticket

  10 pcs. Red Envlope

  A chance to get 1 of the following:

  100 Cash Points Gift Card

  Silvervine Cat Fruit Box

  Aesir Trading Card

Note: Perks are subject to change without prior notice.

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